Four Different Types of Office Chair Materials

There are different types of office chair material options. Employees spend a lot their time at the office. The furniture should be comfortable and efficient. It makes a lot of difference when ergonomic quality office furniture is provided because it tends to improve the quality of the work that is produced. Not only is the shape and size of the office chair that is important, the material that is used for office chairs is also important. The following are some of the materials that are available:


The first and foremost material that comes to mind for office chairs is leather, when there is talk of quality furniture that is sleek and stylish.  Leather can be molded to fit any surface and the furniture is transformed into a beautiful rich looking piece. Leather wins hands down in many categories that are taken into account when choosing office chairs. It looks awesome and has a rich scent to it. Leather is durable and comfortable. Leather is more expensive than the other kinds of materials and also will need to be maintained properly. An office with leather will look highly professional. Krug furniture is an amazing choice for everything you need.


High quality vinyl can have the look and feel of leather at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl needs less maintenance than some other office chair materials because it is water and stain resistance. For office seating that is in a high traffic area, this material is a good choice. It is easy to clean off with a wet cloth when it gets dirty. It isn’t the most comfortable material so it should only be used for temporary seating. Check out Geiger furniture for all of your office needs.


Fabric is very common office chair material and is used for informal seating. Fabric is very versatile and comes in various price ranges. It is easy to find colors and designs that match an office or reception area décor. It is comfortable to sit in, but can be challenging to keep clean.


Mesh, molded plastic, metal, and wood chairs are common for high use areas. They are easy to clean and very durable. These types of chairs are often low cost but not very comfortable. Cushions can be added to make them more comfortable.

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