Office Cubicle Etiquette

Though some people have worked in office environments that have office cubicles, for some employees it is a new experience. An employee may be new to working in a cubicle office environment because of changes at a current job, changing jobs, or changing fields that they worked in. With so many people loosing jobs and businesses making changes, more employees are working from an office cubicle. Knowing office cubicle etiquette can make it easier to adjust to the new environment.


The first thing to do when new to office cubicles is to be observant. See what is acceptable etiquette where you work. Keep in mind that supervisors and co-workers will have a different set of cubicle etiquette rules. Keep this in mind while learning more about cubicle etiquette.


Though cubicles are rarely private and they are often shared, when a person is working in their cubicle, it is there private office space for the time they are there working. The space should be shown the same respect as if you were entering someone’s private office that has a door and walls.


Some people have a voice that travels even at normal conversation levels. If you are one of those people, tone it down a little. Minimize laughter that can disturb your cubicle neighbors. When repeating private and protected customer information, keep your voice low enough that the customer can verify the information is correct but not so loud that others in the office can hear you.


Strong perfumes and colognes can actually trigger asthma attacks in coworkers, so keep it light. Strong smelling foods should only be eaten in break rooms even if allowed at the cubicle.

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