Ergocraft Office Furniture for Home or Business

Ergocraft Contract Solution (ECS) is a relatively new furniture company, established in the year 2000; the furniture company has reached unparallel heights in a short span of only 10 years. Ergocraft is involved in the manufacture and distribution of office furniture. The company has locations in California and in Georgia. They also outsource some work to China. Their furniture is suitable for business and home office spaces.

The types of office furniture that the company produces includes the following:

  • Office chairs
  • Casegoods
  • Stools
  • Bookcases

The company’s policy is “providing our customers with well priced quality products and services” and that is exactly what they do.

Ergocraft Contract Solution (ECS) offers a lot of variety in the office chairs both in colors and designs.  There are different categories of office chairs, broken down on the basis of their costs and finishes. The categories are:

  • Designer series-these chairs are on the higher end of the price scale with exquisite finishes. They have many a different features for complete comfort of the user.
  • Contract seating-includes chairs that focus more on the functionality of the chairs than the aesthetic appeal. They are meant to be sat upon all day and are meant for use in the corporate offices. The chairs are extremely comfortable.
  • Basic choices-this category of chairs is the kind of chairs that are comfortable to use for a short amount of time. Very functional with a simple and basic design.

The company also produces casegoods, like storage and shelving units. These are very good with an excellent product rating as far as the user testimonials go. They are available in many different materials like wood, metal, and glass. Various office furniture pieces are available to completely furnish office space at home or at work.

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